Noticing that there is a thriving underground Art scene in Baltimore, in which certain communities, budding artists and children, were not aware of. My mission was to create an Environment and a Platform, where exhibits, performances and educational opportunities were at arms reach for the community I serve. Realizing that with a combination of empowerment, motivation and creative expression, performing arts can flourish in communities where quality instruction in the arts was absent. My belief is that Dance Klinique can cultivate and nurture, while helping to build an environment in which the arts can contribute to a more vibrant and creative atmosphere.
Dance Klinique seeks to assemble creative students in an environment designed for the development of individual and collaborative excellence in performing arts by restoring the spirit and passion in dance. Always on the lookout for Energetic volunteers. we encourage you to call us anytime, or, if in the neighborhood, please stop by and introduce yourself, our doors are always open.
brook Naam
8/12/2011 12:55:58 am

I really LOVE what you guys at Dance Klinique are doing. We need more outlets as such in our communities for young people and adults, You definitely have my support!!


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